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We at Jewels5 carry our own inventory as we ourselves are a true wholesaler. In fact, we have been providing quality certified diamonds to jewellery stores throughout India under the banner of TORRA for years. However as the Internet grew in popularity we realized that this was a great opportunity to reach customers directly and pass the savings on to you .We're one of the first companies to turn jewellery manufacturing into an online jewellery shopping experience. Hence, the birth of Jewels5, India’s 1st online jewellery factory outlet.     


Jewels5 is a division of TORRA JEWELS, diamond jewellery manufacturer headquartered in Surat, Gujarat which is known as Diamond City. For other corporate information, please visit TORRA JEWELS website.


Jewels5’s focus has always been on providing a wide range of choices for mainstream jewellery customers who seek excellent value in fine jewellery. For this reason, Jewels5 designs and provides all of it's jewellery to meet it's customer's tastes and expectations for quality and style.





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