Why choose Jewels5!!

Here are just a few reasons why our customers have chosen us:

Our vision is ‘To provide customers with quality merchandise at the lowest possible price’



  • At Jewels5 you’ll find high-quality diamonds, carefully inspected and certified by the most respected independent diamond grading labs for our exclusive collection.
  • Many of our stones are laser-inscribed for added security and value.
  • Our team of jewellery specialists is dedicated to understanding your needs and working with you to create a piece of jewellery that you will adore.
  • We believe that jewellery that reflects your values should also reflect your unique preferences.   


  • We buy all our diamonds directly from the source, where the diamonds are polished and cut to the specific high quality we demand.
  • By avoiding third-party mark-ups and fees we can pass considerable savings along to our customers.
  • Thus, our exquisite jewellery is offered to you at the lowest possible prices. 


  • Jewels5 focus has always been on providing a wide range of choices for mainstream jewellery customers who seek excellent value in fine jewellery.
  • For this reason, we design and provide all of our jewellery to meet its customers' tastes and expectations for quality and style
  • Your selection will be made available as soon as possible -- directly from us, directly to you.